Registration Dates

  • August 1-2

  • Registration open from 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00 (closed 12:00-1:00)

  • DES registration will take place in the cafeteria of Frankfort Intermediate (800 N. Cherry)

  • All registration and/or enrollment paperwork MUST be updated annually for all students

Registration Items

  • Copy of Original Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Social Security Number/Card

  • Proof of Residency (Ex: Utility Bill, Driver’s License)

  • Physical Exam and Immunization Records (Kindergarten)

  • Eye Exam (Kindergarten)

  • Dental Exam (Kindergarten and 2nd Grade)

  • Legal or Court Documents

  • $40.00 Book Fee

Class Lists

  • Class lists will be posted on the front entrance of DES the week of August 8-12.

  • Class lists will NOT be shared on social media by the school.

  • If you do not find your child on a class list, please contact the school office at 618-937-2464.

Health Requirements

Physical Exam & Immunization Record

(Due by October 15)

  • Pre-K

  • Kindergarten

Dental Exam

(Due by May 15)

  • Kindergarten

  • 2nd Grade

Eye Exam

(Due by October 15)

  • Kindergarten

  • Students entering Illinois schools

School Nurse Contact

Nurse Mallory Brown

7:45 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


Mallory Brown Email